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Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystem

Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystemIn 2021, gleneagle company carrie

The world’s first real investment DAO and social DAO

In the investment industry, retail investors are always on the weak and harvested side.Is there any m

A new generation of “DAO” organization – Fa DAO, returning all power to the community

DAO is “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. In the development of blockchain technology, new

FaDAO mechanism is fully upgraded to create a new generation of “DAO” organization

Recently, FaDAO has carried out a comprehensive upgrade of its mechanism. In terms of economic model,

Ethereum Gold (ETHG) continues to maintain the original POW chain through the new POW+POS+POC multi-consensus mechanism

The upgrade of Ethereum from POW to Proof of Stake (POS) is a change in consensus mechanism and an up

Aehbo is using the power of blockchain to break down the Berlin Wall between football and music

“Arhbo” comes from the Arabic word “Marhaba”, which means “welcome” in Qatari slang. As t

JPEX launches VISA debit cards on time, and expects to issue physical cards in the fourth quarter

Although cryptocurrencies are an asset with high volatility, investors still regard them as good inve

World premiere! Japanese famous cartoonist Mori Tsunji autograph, anime IP “HOLYLAND” series NFT released on ANIMETA!

Recently, the animation NFT platform ANIMETA and Japan’s well-known cartoonist Mori Heng Er teacher

Torah’s Title Contributes to the Successful Conclusion of “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit

On August 23, 2022, sponsored by Web3 Infrastructure Technology Federation, named by Torah, co-hosted